Dear Colleagues, 

I am very honored and happy to invite you to the “4th International Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Congress” to be held in Bolu on 20-23 February 2020

The starting point of our congress is to evaluate our existing approaches in the field of medical disciplines and social areas to cover neonatal health in terms of pregnancy, childbirth and deprivation and to produce effective solutions to the problems experienced. Focusing on multidisciplinary interpretations has been to share scientific studies, produce common intellect.

Last year, the 3rd International Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Congress was held successfully with the contribution of you esteemed participants and volunteering dedicated to science and education. Our congress is part of the cooperation between public-civil society, public-private sector and academic environment. The Prime Minister's Promotion Fund was supported by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies. In scientific sessions where important shares took place, birth in Turkey and around the world, increasing caesarean rates and their effects on society, physical space and personnel problems, problems of hospitals in systematic and symmetrical application mechanisms we had the opportunity to share important issues such as the knowledge and skill levels of health personnel, attitudes, working conditions, mother-baby friendly hospital concept within the framework of multi-sectoral and level cooperation. 

With its scientific and social program, which is enriched every year, the 4th International Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Congress, thanks to its multidisciplinary approach to meet, learn and communicate with scientists who have a say in their national and international studies with the latest information will present an important opportunity.

 4th International Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Congress has prepared a rich scientific program content with the contributions of the Inherent Birth Association, obstetrics, perinatology, neonatology, pediatrics, pediatric neurology, genetics and public health disciplines. In addition, this year we decided to hold our congress together with the "2nd National Risky Baby Congress”. We will try to discuss how we can make women's and neonatal health safer and more comfortable for physicians, health workers and society in our country, accompanied by joint and parallel sessions.

An important emphasis will be on the declaration of 2020 as the Year of Midwifery and Nursing at the Health Assembly held in Geneva on 30 January 2019. Globally, 70% of health and social workforce is 41% female compared to all employment sectors. Nurses and wives account for 50% of the global health workforce. Accordingly, midwifery and nursing professions represent an important part of the female workforce. Furthermore, strengthening the parents and nurses of a valuable profession that holds a very important place in the quality of initial evaluation, care and treatment in order to achieve improved health outcomes, (SDG8) is considered an important step in contributing and achieving other Sustainable Development Goals. This year we could be a member of effective evidence in continuous development with care and we started to see that it started before we could go to the highest level in developing our midwifery and nursing workforce. In this congress, important courses and scientific conversations with experts from Germany and the UK with very important midwifery studies will take place in our congress. Our expectation is to achieve improvement in effective leadership, management and improvement of governance.

We have no doubt that our congress will farewell you with unforgettable memories as every year. You will have the privilege that Bolu Koru Hotels Spa and Convention will be hosted. Congress Hotel, in the heart of nature in the middle of Istanbul and Ankara transportation axis, Bolu, fully renovated in 2018, 5-star service concept and intertwined with nature, peaceful atmosphere, with a great location will host our scientific studies. We wish that our congress, which takes the principle of strengthening the bridges among health professionals and advancing towards the traditionalization and attracting attention with its rich and colorful social program, will contribute to all these aims, health services and birth understanding of our country.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Aydan Biri

Koru Ankara Hospital
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Prof. Dr. Özlem Moraloğlu Tekin

Ankara City Hospital
Obstetrics & Gynecology

4th International Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Congress

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